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8 Agonizing Gardening Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Spring is in full bloom, and if you are like most Ohioans, you plan to plant your vegetables and flowers around Memorial Day weekend. However, getting suitable plants to thrive in your garden can be tricky – especially if you are new to Ohio.

Here are my tips to get you started and keep your garden a source of pride all summer and fall, even if you have a black thumb!


Avoid These 8 Mistakes


Great gardening involves good planning, excellent execution, and superb follow-up. Here are the mistakes many people make, especially novice gardeners, and how to avoid them.



Mistake #1: You don’t get your soil tested.
A soil test can reveal nutrient deficiencies, pH levels, and drainage information. While many options are available for under $20, the best option is to procure a pH soil tester from your local Ace Hardware store. Once you have the information, you can see which plants thrive in these soil conditions.

Mistake #2: You don’t prepare the beds.
Dig deep in the garden beds and add plenty of compost, which helps with good root development.

Mistake #3: You don’t photograph or measure the bed.
Photographing the bed, measuring it, determining which side of the house the bed faces, and selecting the soil condition will all help the nursery staff recommend which plants will thrive in your garden. 



Mistake #4: You don’t mulch.
has many benefits, including suppressing weeds, keeping moisture in the soil, boosting microorganisms, and fertilizing plants.


Mistake #5: You overcrowd your plants.
When you don’t give your plants enough room to grow, they do not flourish because they compete for water, nutrients, and sunlight. Follow the directions for spacing and sunlight on the seedlings and plants.




Mistake #6: You water too much or too little.
Too much watering can lead to yellow plants and short root systems, and too little watering can lead to plant death. Many people think watering daily is the best choice when it is not. Dousing your plants when needed (go one inch deep with your finger to determine) close to sunrise or sunset encourages them to grow deep roots, making them strong and healthy.


Mistake #7: You prune your trees in the fall.
Pruning stimulates new growth, which you want in the spring and summer. In the fall, you want your trees to be dormant, and pruning them in the autumn weakens the plant’s energy reserve. Prune after the trees finish their big bloom.


Mistake #8: You let weeds get too big.
Even though you have prepared your beds and mulched, you will still need to control the weeds by pulling them out when they are small. Pulling out the weeds after a significant rain is straightforward as the ground is still soft. If you ignore the weeds and they grow big, you will essentially allow the nutrients for your plants to be stolen by the weeds.


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