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7 Content Marketing Tips for Growth (Infographic)

By Kristin Shawd

As 2019 approaches its halfway mark, you may be wondering what happened to those marketing resolutions you made back in the dawning days of January. You remember, that morning you scribbled on a napkin over your morning coffee and muffin, "How to improve growth in 2019: start blogging consistently, establish business social media accounts, research new content marketing ideas."

Perhaps you've come across this napkin a time or two in a pile of papers just to lose track of it again. Or, maybe a napkin never existed but I’ve just reminded you that you had every intention to research and implement some new content marketing strategies.

Well then, this infographic is for you.

Our top recommendation for the latter half of 2019? Start a blog (if you don't have one) and create a content calendar to enforce discipline. Already have a blog? Perhaps consider increasing the number of your monthly blog posts. Consistency is the key to all successful marketing, so only increase your blogging frequency if you plan to keep it going. The same holds true for the remaining recommendations.

Content Marketing Strategies for 2019  [Infographic]:

  • Create a Social Media Plan
  • Personalize Emails (and all your marketing efforts)
  • Create Giveaways (to gain info)
  • Join Social Media Groups and Industry Associations
  • Measure effectiveness with Google Analytics
  • Audit your Website

7 Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business Now, Mulligan Management GroupKey Takeaway

No, it's not too late to implement content marketing strategies to expand your business in 2019.

Just remember, if time is a limiting factor, you have options. You can choose a single strategy to focus on or you can partner with a specialist in content marketing.


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