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6 Ways to Combat Stress in Our New Normal World

While most of what happens with the COVID-19 situation is out of your control, the following stress reducers are within your power and recommended by the World Health Organization to help you cope:

  1. Exercise. Go to the gym, streamline exercise apps or look on Pinterest for ideas. Getting out for a walk is also a good idea. Aim for thirty minutes of activity each day.
  2. Diet. Focus on keeping up on your water intake, eating healthy fruits and vegetables, and decreasing the number of processed foods you and your family consume.
  3. Meditation. You can download guided meditations from your library, check out phone apps, or read an article about the art of breathing. Most wellness experts agree for maximum effectiveness; meditations should be practiced in a quiet space at the end of your day.
  4. Sleep. It is vital for your overall physical and mental health. Seven to nine hours is a good target for adults.
  5. Staying connected with friends and family. Call, email, mail a letter, or video chat with one to three people a day.
  6. Learn something new. Obtain online work certifications, learn to knit, play a new board game with your family, or try Sudoku.

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