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5 Sound Go Green Strategies



  • Eliminate plastic water bottles. They end up in landfills.
  • Choose glass or aluminum items – they can be recycled endlessly.


  • Replace all printed materials with online editions.
  • Get rid of all printed signage and use digital signage.
  • Put all presentations on SlideShare.
  • Collaborate on Google Drive, Zoom, or Teams.


Try to source food locally from a farmer’s market or other local entities. The closer the food source, the less impact it has on the environment.



A carbon offset is a financial donation or other act that aims to remove a certain amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, to compensate for another carbon dioxide emitting activity.

As you probably already know, air travel is one of the most significant contributors to CO2 emissions. Here are some ways to keep these emissions to a minimal level:

  • Consider holding virtual or regional meetings.
  • Offer a host of other alternatives to plane travel for your attendees: train, bus, or carpooling are great choices.
  • Hold a series of regional meetings rather than one large panel.


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