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3 Key Benefits of Hiring a Virtual DMO

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Your company is growing. You’re contemplating hiring a Digital Marketing Officer to handle your online channels, web tracking tools, ensure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and support your business goals. But often, these are fleeting thoughts because the salary, benefits, and training costs can approach over $200,000 a year.

Given this, what’s a business owner to do? Hire a Virtual DMO, of course! This person functions as your staff member but is available at a fraction of an in-house cost.

Here are the key things a digital marketing agency can accomplish for you, whether your organization is a good fit and the benefits of hiring one for your business.


What Does a Virtual DMO Do?

This person helps move your business forward. They will spend most of their time off-site but are available for video chats, phone calls, and very responsive to emails.

Depending on the size of your organization and its needs, this person can complete many tasks, including:

  • Create and manage your digital marketing budget
  • Make recommendations about online messaging channels
  • Create and implement a content calendar
  • Develop an electronic communications policy
  • Complete a social media audit
  • Report on meaningful metrics
  • Run your digital marketing training program

The DMO can provide you with the best insight on ways your organization can or is using digital marketing for a competitive advantage.


What Businesses are a Good Fit for a Virtual Digital Marketing Officer?


  • A small company that’s growing
  • An organization that doesn’t have the budget for a full-time person
  • A business that’s using digital tools already but wants an expert to manage them


What are the Benefits?


  1. Objective recommendations.
    Because the digital marketing agency works with many small to mid-sized businesses, they know what channels work and which ones don’t. You will receive a vetted online marketing roadmap that can be immediately implemented.


  2. Cost efficiency.
    According to Glassdoor, an experienced DMO makes $150,000 per year, not include benefits, bonuses, and training. The cost of a virtual DMO is much less, where cost savings can be over 75 percent per year!


  3. No training required.
    You will have at your disposal an experienced, talented person that can keep your organization on the right online path. All education and certificates are handled within the agency, at no cost to you.


Mulligan Management Group can be Your Virtual DMO

We work hard to help our clients develop cohesive and forward-thinking digital initiatives. Our Virtual DMO offering provides insight and recommendations for the marketing side of your business, allowing you to concentrate on the core components that will make your company grow. We’d love to have a conversation with you about your current and future digital marketing needs. Please give us a call at 330.472.7673 today!

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