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14 Tips and Tricks to Give Your Business Maximum Curb Appeal

When a prospect is driving up to your establishment for the first time, they are assessing you and your business. Naturally, therefore, it’s essential to take care of all the little items outside that will represent your business well.

Before you get started on better curb appeal, bring a notebook and walk around the entire perimeter of your business, including the yard. Be sure to view it from across the street.  Do this at three times; early morning, mid-afternoon, and evening (with lighting on). What do you notice? Note what needs to be trimmed, taken out, added, or repaired.

Here are 14 concrete things you can do to give your business a positive vibe.


Driveway and Walkway


  1. Repair all cracks, remove weeds and any unsightly debris.
  2. If your walkway is brick or made from stamped concrete, repair or replace cracked portions and be sure to seal it.




  1. Power wash the entire building and walkways at least once a year.
  2. Take out your screens and have your windows professionally cleaned inside and out once or twice a year.  


Flower Box

  1. Add flower boxes to the windows. Plant colorful flowers that will thrive given the sunlight around them.

Front Entry


  1. Check on and add, repair, paint or replace the following:
    1. Railings
    2. Front door
    3. Address numbers - if you replace, use aluminum, brass, or steel
    4. Welcome mat
    5. Hanging plants or potted flowers


  1. Fertilize and keep the lawn cut and edged.
  2. Weed your walkway areas, put down fresh mulch, and plant flowers.




  1. Add low-voltage lighting to the front door area, walkways, and corners of the business.
  2. Make sure all lights, including electrical signage (I.e., Open), are working.  


Mailbox (if you have one)


  1. Invest in a new mailbox or repaint the existing one.

Shrubs and Trees

  1. Trim them back and make sure they do not block your windows and doors. The best times to do this are late fall or very early spring.
  2. Be sure to remove all dead trees and their stumps.
  3. If your property is bare, you should plant trees in late spring or summer.  



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