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14 Terrific Ways to Use Twitter for Your Next Product Launching Event


If your company is planning on launching a new product or service this year, Twitter is one way you can keep your face-to-face attendees engaged and involve your virtual audience without immense expense or fanfare.   

Below are 14 effective ways to use Twitter as a marketing tool from event concept to close.



  • Spend time creating a simple and memorable handle and hashtag.

    One thing you want at your event is the ability for attendees, both live and virtual, to remember the event’s handle and hashtag and use it often. Keep it simple and relevant. For example, I am going to a MPI Mid-America Conference next week and the handle is @MPIMidAmerica and the hashtag is #MPIMAC. Pretty simple and easy to remember, right?
  • Promote the handle and hashtag on your website, blog and all digital medium prior to the event.
  • Tweet and monitor activity prior to the launch using both the handle and hashtag.

    Answer any questions or complaints in a timely manner.
  • Promote and host a TweetUp for attendees so those that follow each other can meet face-to-face.  

    Publicize the TweetUp 30 days prior to the event.
  • Make sure the venue can support the Wi-Fi activity Twitter chatter will bring.

    I was at an event last September with 1,700 of my closest friends when the speaker asked a question of the crowd and asked them to tweet their responses. The top 3 responses received a limited edition t-shirt. Everyone pulled out their smartphone, iPad or tablet and started to tweet; only to cause the Internet to show a constant “loading now” symbol at the top of everyone’s device. Very few tweets got through because the organizer did not have enough bandwidth for this activity.


  • Ask attendees to use the event’s hashtag on all their tweets.

    Post the hashtag on all the PowerPoint presentations, digital signage and apps as a constant reminder to participants.
  • Livestream conference tweets on a video wall and/or Plasma LCD as a way for attendees to gather around and see the buzz about the conference.
  • Use Twitter to broadcast important messages about the event.

    Ask that attendees either have it on their smartphones.
  • Encourage your C-Suite, speakers and special guests to be available for photos with attendees.

    Create fun and unique backdrops promoting the product or service. Ask attendees to tweet their photo immediately after it is taken.  
  • Create a contest.

    For the…
    • Best answer of the “Question of the day” and “Why did you come to this product launch?” Use Vine to capture their responses.
    • Most retweeted tweet
      …post results on a video wall for all attendees to see.
  • Do a Tweet Round-Up and post the best tweets at the very end of the launch.  
  • Monitor all activity on Twitter and respond to questions, comments and complaints ASAP.

    If possible, assign 6-8 people to monitor the activity and empower them to respond appropriately.


  • Continue to monitor the handle and hashtag for weeks after the launch.

    Comments and questions will continue to pour in even after the conference is over.
  • Promote photos, videos and presentations.

    Post your pics and videos and encourage others to do the same. Share links from SlideShare once the presentations are up. Connect to YouTube. All of these activities will keep your event alive months after it is over.

Twitter can be a powerful social tool if handled properly and attended to by social listeners. Make your event all the better by encouraging tweets before, during and after your event. 

Mulligan Management Group, LLC can help you utilize Twitter and other social media channels for your next event, conference or trade show. Follow Founder De-de Mulligan on Twitter for more relevant tweets and contact her at 330.472.7673 for more information. 

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