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3 Ps to Make Your Business More Visible



Having an awards ceremony, employee appreciation event, or sports banquet? We have a huge selection of plaques and reward items just waiting for your logo and message.   




Promotional Items

We have 10’s of 1000’s of items waiting for your promotional …

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Shop Small: Where Everyone Knows Your Name


Don’t you love it when you enter a business and the employees greet you by your name?  Doesn’t it make you feel special? Of course it does! Locally owned, independent businesses are likely to employ individuals who not only know their customer’s names but also their needs. Unlike big-box r…

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The Value of Office Furniture: Are You Buying A Yugo or Bentley?

You have completed some initial comparisons of furniture on the Internet. A chair is a chair, right? Wrong! Office furniture is comparable to a car. Yes, you can buy the cheapest car around, such as a Yugo, but how does that compare to a Bentley? Of course, there is NO COMPARISON! It is like com…

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Spring Is Upon Us - A Perfect Time To Cut Your Office Clutter

Spring is upon us and you have decided it is your time to be organized! This is great news, because it is time to get rid of outdated and unnecessary paper. This article is dedicated to the initiative that “a clutter free office is a productive office”. Below, are some tips and techniques to mak…

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Why It Is Still Relevant To Buy Local

“Keep your money local.” Everyone has heard that slogan – but what does it really mean, especially as we approach this holiday season?

According a recent survey, 76% of Americans say they would rather buy from a local, small retailer than a large chain. Yet, 90% of small retail business…

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