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Viable PowerPoint Presentation Alternatives

Even though PowerPoint is still the most popular presentation tool in the world, with an estimated 500 million users, have you ever considered other presentation alternatives that can allow you to engage and entertain your attendees much better?

What they are, how you use them and how they compare to PowerPoint?  Today’s article will focus on three options: Google Slides Emaze and Prezi.


Google Slides


Google Presentation is freeware offered by Google within its Google Drive service. It allows users to create and edit documents online while collaborating with other users live.

Step-by-Step Guidelines

  1. You have to open up a Google Drive account which is usually accessed through your Google+ login.
  2. From the main menu, you click on “Create” which leads you to a drop down menu where one alternative is “Presentation”.
  3. This leads you to an online rendition of PowerPoint, with the ability to present, make comments and share presentations virtually.




15 GB

Number of Users

190 Million

Best Uses

  • Great for collaboration of content. Individuals can add, edit and/or make comments about the slides online.
  • Virtual events, such as Google Hangout, can be maximized by using this tool.
  • Hybrid meetings where attendees can make comments on each slide and the speaker or organizer can answer on-the-spot is one of the benefits of this program.  



Emaze is a web application for creating unique presentations online by using pre-designed templates or creating your own slides from scratch.

Step-by-Step Guidelines

  1. You need to sign up on the Emaze website.
  2. You choose which presentation plan works for you.
  3. You can create and share private and public presentations, including infographics.


Free to $9.90 per month


200 MB up to Unlimited

Number of Users


Best Uses

  • Bring your presentations to life with 3-D effects, sound and music.
  • Import PowerPoint presentations into the cloud for enhancement and back-up capabilities.
  • The ability to share your content online with other attendees, employees or shareholders is available with this program.




Prezi is cloud-based presentation software and a storytelling tool for presenting ideas. The product employs a Zooming User Interface (ZUI), which allows users to zoom in and out of their presentation media.

Step-by-Step Guidelines

  1. Sign up or sign in to the Prezi site.
  2. Click on “New Prezi” for a new presentation.
  3. Choose a template where you can write your content or import an existing PowerPoint presentation.


Free to $13.25 per month (billed annually)


100 MB to 2 GB per user

Number of Users

40 Million

Best Uses

  • Great for public presentations where you can send individuals a link.
  • Because it utilizes ZUI, the presentation has a more interactive effect.
  • Highly effective for remote presentations when your presenter cannot be onsite.

Quick Summary


All three of these choices are cloud-based solutions that require an Internet connection and sign-in access, which is much different than PowerPoint.

Google Presentation is by far the least expensive option with the largest storage component. It has the ability to collaborate, share and keep your presentation public, private or share with just those that have a link.

Emaze offers very limited storage for free but has an infographic component that is very attractive.

Prezi is great for interactive, storytelling presentations and is highly accepted and preferred with Apple users. 

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I used Emaze to create a presentation for graduate school. Took about 3 weeks to complete. Just as I finished, they had server problems and my presentation along with other presentations I had done, disappeared. The company is located in Israel, no way to contact them. Tech support is by email to one person who responds maybe every 3 days. Not a good company to rely on.