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4 Surprising Facts about Pamplona Spain


Pamplona is a beautiful city that is located in the northern region of Span and was the historic capital of the region. It is an ideal location for skiing, mountaineering and hiking. While there are many interesting and new facets I learned about this historical city, the one thing it is known for, does not say it all.   


Not Surprising: Pamplona is Known Worldwide for its Running of the Bulls


This festival runs from July 6-14 and attracts 200,000+ visitors to this historic event.


Surprising Fact #1: There are many historical landmarks that are open to the public.


From The Citadel to the Museum of Navarra and many other options in between, Pamplona have many facilities for the tourist and meeting planner alike. When you visit these landmarks, it will help explain why this city is such a historical society and the desire by its residents to keep these structures intact.

“Our historical heritage provides unique sites for meetings. No other city in Spain, or in the world for that matter, regularly hosts functions in its medieval cathedral,” stated J. Javier Lacunza, General Manager at Empresa Navarra de Espacios Culturales.


Surprising Fact #2: Pamplona is a well-established business community.


“For me, Pamplona is not bulls, but business. Our business volume has grown in the past six years and the city’s location is essential for a demanding logistical operation with ease of access to much of Europe. Pamplona has embraced development and technology, making it a great place to do business,” stated Marco Aguas with Winterbotham Darby.

Part of its business appeal is its location near the French border and the Pyrenees Mountains. The city has the highest income per capita and the lowest unemployment of any major Spanish city.


Surprising Fact #3: The convention center offers many options.


The BALUARTE Congress Centre and Auditorium of Navarra has the capacity to house all kinds of cultural and commercial events. It is one of the biggest congress centers in Spain and it is located in the heart of Pamplona. It sits between the shopping and the Citadel, a 16th-century fortress that has been converted into a park.

The Centre offers free Wi-Fi and seats 2,000 attendees which is perfect for most conventions and conferences.


Surprising Fact #4: Pamplona is Spain’s greenest city.


The citizens of Pamplona really care about the environment in everything they do. With the recent addition of five new parks, Pamplona offers 26 square meters of green space per Pamplonian. 


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