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Timely Tips for Planning Your Next Meeting or Event

You have been delegated the task of planning and organizing the next corporate event, be it the annual company sales meeting, a new product launch, employee appreciation event, an employee transfer or retirement sendoff, or a state-of-the company presentation by the CEO. The enormous task of put…

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3 Ps to Make Your Business More Visible



Having an awards ceremony, employee appreciation event, or sports banquet? We have a huge selection of plaques and reward items just waiting for your logo and message.   




Promotional Items

We have 10’s of 1000’s of items waiting for your promotional …

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12 Terrific Tips to Effectively Moderating a Panel Discussion

More and more meeting planners are turning to an effective way to give great content to attendees in a short period of time: the panel discussion. Although this type of program has been around for a long time, several best practice enhancements have been implemented over the last few years.


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6 Super Ways Event Planners can Properly Vet All Speakers

We have all had them – great, mediocre and just down right lousy speakers. The great ones resonate with the audience; they either make them laugh, cry or think. The lousy ones are all about their message and could be talking to a wall for all they care. You want the great ones, but how do yo…

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10 Terrific Tips to Justify Attending Your Next Conference

You really want to attend a conference and trade show that is coming up in three months. You know many of your industry colleagues will be there and the speakers look to be fantastic! In addition, it is in a desirable venue because you can bring your family along for a mini-vacation.

The prob…

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A Meeting Planning Checklist for the Busy Administrative Assistant

Your boss just called or stepped out of their office and asked you to plan a company-wide meeting to take place in 60 days. While you have often planned smaller meetings on-site, this is going to be much larger and require the use of an outside venue.

Since you plan these types of event rathe…

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5 Cool Tools That Should Make Any Meeting Planner's Cut

PCMA Convene magazine recently highlighted the 5 Best Technology Tools for planning and executing a meeting.

Below are the tools, number of users and cost, platforms each app supports and how each one works to assist in your event planning efforts and attendee management.  


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3 Knockout Ways to Make Your Next Event a True Winner

Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO and Co-Founder of Vayner Media, recently released a book titled: Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy, Social World where he shares the many mistakes marketers make on social media every day. 

In today's blog I am going to highlight his talking po…

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Technology Trend: 4K 3D Glasses Free Displays


As an event organizer, one of your goals is to provide better visuals to "wow" your attendees. 


3D can definitely do the trick but you have probably been reticent to use this technology because of the need to put on those annoying, dorky glasses to realize the total effect. Thank…

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TRADE SHOWS 101: The Reason, the Value and the Future of the Industry



Trade shows have been around for years and are intended to showcase and demonstrate each exhibitor's latest products and services.

In the past, booth personnel used to give tchotchkes away in an attempt to lure attendees to their booth. Many would walk off the floor with a…

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The Ins and Outs of Facebook's Edgerank: How to Get Your Business Noticed

With the number of Facebook users at over 1 billion and with 79% of all organizations having a Facebook Fan page, it’s understandable that every hospitality marketing organization is clamoring to get noticed on Facebook.

The way you get noticed is through an algorithm Facebook derived calle…

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4 Reasons Why Corporate Clothing Makes Sense

I was coordinating a small meeting a couple of days ago at a new restaurant. As I was leaving, a man approached me and asked if I give him and his party a tour of the facility. I kindly explained to him that I did not work there but I would mention it to the hostess as I departed. He was a bit e…

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Hospitality Marketing Concepts + Social Media = ROI? Maybe Yes, Maybe No

As a self-proclaimed social media consultant and expert, I am constantly amazed at the misunderstanding of social media in the C-Suite world. These highly intelligent, and might I add highly paid individuals, seem to be looking at social media through one prism equation:

(Time + Money) x Soci…

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Shop Small: Where Everyone Knows Your Name


Don’t you love it when you enter a business and the employees greet you by your name?  Doesn’t it make you feel special? Of course it does! Locally owned, independent businesses are likely to employ individuals who not only know their customer’s names but also their needs. Unlike big-box r…

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The Value of Office Furniture: Are You Buying A Yugo or Bentley?

You have completed some initial comparisons of furniture on the Internet. A chair is a chair, right? Wrong! Office furniture is comparable to a car. Yes, you can buy the cheapest car around, such as a Yugo, but how does that compare to a Bentley? Of course, there is NO COMPARISON! It is like com…

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Spring Is Upon Us - A Perfect Time To Cut Your Office Clutter

Spring is upon us and you have decided it is your time to be organized! This is great news, because it is time to get rid of outdated and unnecessary paper. This article is dedicated to the initiative that “a clutter free office is a productive office”. Below, are some tips and techniques to mak…

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Why It Is Still Relevant To Buy Local

“Keep your money local.” Everyone has heard that slogan – but what does it really mean, especially as we approach this holiday season?

According a recent survey, 76% of Americans say they would rather buy from a local, small retailer than a large chain. Yet, 90% of small retail business…

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Sleep Apnea Treatment Options: You Do Have a Choice!

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is caused by an obstruction of your upper airway passage. It is characterized by repetitive pauses in breathing during sleep. These pauses in breathing, called "apneas" (which mean without breath), typically last 20 to 40 seconds per interval.

If left untreated, obst…

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CVBs and DMOs: A 5-Point Checklist to Market Your Destination

Group organizers and meeting planners are reliant on your CVB and DMO staff to sell them on all the things your city and region have to offer. Besides the convention space and guest rooms, what else do you need to do for marketing  CVBs online? The answer is: plenty!

Here is a step-by-st…

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Eliminate Indoor Air Pollution with Kiln Dried Firewood


If you are like most of us in the New York City and Connecticut area, you are spending a bulk of your time inside enjoying a fire in your fireplace or wood burning stove. And while you know fire can cause some indoor air pollution, did you know if you don’t use the right wood a fire coul…

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