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What You Should Know Before Buying or Renting a TV

Does it make sense for you to buy or rent your next TV? Well, that depends on a lot of factors. Don’t get caught up in the buy-to-rent ratio or the tax benefits of depreciation, because the reality is most of those tables were set up when technology changed every 3-5 years. This isn’t the case any longer and will probably never be so. It isn’t purely a financial decision any longer and should not be treated as one.

Below are the 3 key questions to focus on when making your next TV decision.   

Can you live with this technology for the next 5 years or more?


One of the benefits of owning a TV is you are not subject to rental increases by your supplier. On the downside, you are going to be watching technological changes and improvements occur right before your eyes.

How confident are you that this manufacturer has staying power and/or this is the right TV for you?


I remember several years ago my son purchased a Blackberry Storm and he said to me, “Mom, this phone is awesome and I will never need an upgrade!” Ah, words to live by – as Blackberry has bit the dust and he is on his 5th or 6th phone since that statement. You just don’t know the long-term viability of any technology company.

In addition, renting a TV may make sense if you are deciding between a HD, 4K, Plasma, LCD or LED TV. By renting the different sizes and technologies for a week or month, you can determine which size and format best fits your home, office or event.

One last thing to remember, as technology improves the TV you purchased today will be worth a whole lot less tomorrow. Cascading pricing occurs as new technology abounds.

How long are you going to use the TV?


Do you need it for a day, week or month? Short term uses such as:

  • Training
  • Research Projects
  • Trade Shows
  • Special Events
  • Movie Production or
  • Just seeing how you like the TV in your office or home

Are great reasons to rent a television.

In addition, if you participate in national meetings or trade shows, you need to consider the cost of crating, shipping to and from the event, and drayage costs while there.

What happens if your TV arrives damaged or is stolen? Obviously, you will have replacement insurance but by the time you file a claim and obtain the check, the trade show or meeting will be long over.

Benefits of Renting


Here are the 3 major benefits of renting TVs:

  1. Maximum Flexibility: You can rent the right TV to meet your specifications.
  2. Customer Support: With 24/7 telephone technical support to diagnose the television problem or provide a backup system quickly if the tech is onsite or within a reasonable period of time if they are offsite, you have a qualified individual at your disposal if something should go wrong.
  3. Professionally Tested, Maintained and Monitored TV Systems.


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