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What NOT having a Business Card Says about You

This week I attended 3 networking functions, with 30 to 50 people at each function. I was amazed at the number of people I met who didn't have business cards. So, I want to tell you (in my opinion), what that says about you, the idiots that didn't have them.


  1. You are unprepared. You made up your mind to come to a business networking function and you even paid to be there. Instead of bringing 50-60 cards, you only brought 10. What that says to me is either you have more business than you can handle or you just don't think things through. Sorry, but I am not going to remember your name or your business 10 minutes after I leave the place.
  2. You are unprofessional. More times than I care to say, someone will say "Let me write my info on the back of your card." So being polite, I let them do so. Now, let's think about what just happened: a) they wasted one of MY business cards and b) I think they are an idiot for coming to business networking event without business cards!
  3. You aren't serious about your profession. I know there are many start-up entrepreneurs out there who also have another full-time job. They come to networking functions to try and kick-start their business, but they haven't invested the $50 or so in getting business cards. What the hell? Don't even give me a business card with your day job on it, unless you are promoting your day job. Again, I won't remember what you do after I leave. 
  4. You really don't want my business. We had a lot of hail damage in the area a few months ago. A man knocked on my door today asking if he could look around my house and possibly give me a quote. I said sure he could look around, but when I asked him for a business card, he said "I don't have any with me because I am driving my wife's car." HUH? You knocked on my door and you don't have any flipping business cards? He asked if he could write his information on post-it note and of course I let him. Then he left and I threw his information away.

So here's my message. I don't care if you are a carpenter, CEO, entrepreneur, or janitor. If you want business, you need BUSINESS CARDS. And you need to have them with you always. So, put some in your wallet, purse, tennis bag, golf bag, glove compartment of you and your wife's car. Just like American Express says, "Don't leave home without them."



The Mulligan Management Group, LLC Team Carries Business Cards


De-de Mulligan, President and Founder of Mulligan Management Group, LLC always has several business cards on her person and at MMG headquarters. Please come visit us at our new office located at 9205 State Route 43, Suite 201 anytime Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 PM or call De-de at 330-472-7673 to make an appointment. De-de and her team would be happy to sit down with you and help with your digital marketing strategy!  

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