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TV Guide: How Smart is your TV?


With the continuous onset of new TV technology, it can feel overwhelming when trying to choose the right system – whether it be for your home, company or event.

This article will break down the definition, requirements, uses, apps, and future of Smart TV technology.



A Smart TV is a digital television that is Internet connected. This type of TV can be an all-inclusive product or a regular TV that is made smart through a box that enables Internet connection.



A Smart TV requires access to the Internet and it is best if that connection can be delivered through a wired broadband router rather than rely on a wireless connection. The broadband can connect directly to the TV’s Ethernet socket or use a device to make the TV “smart” such as Chromecast, Apple TV or a gaming console.

The primary reason for the wired connection is it delivers more Mbits/second which will, in turn, deliver better quality video streaming across your TV.

While this may be very reasonable at home or the office, if you are renting this device for a trade show or event, connecting directly to the router may not be possible. In these cases, you and your event organizer may need to consider a wireless WiFi booster.  




Whether you are home or at an event, gaming is something most individuals love to watch or play. Games at home or the office allow you to play against individuals all over the world, while gamification apps can be played on mobile devices and touch screen monitors.

Streaming Movies, TV Shows and Speakers

Whether it is an on-demand series, show or speaker, the important thing is to have high quality streaming service to your TV, app and/or box.

With regards to events, Smart TV rentals may be perfect for a virtual audience, especially when high-quality video is required for learning purposes.

Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA)

This standard allows you to stream photos, movies, video and music that move from device to device and room to room.

Simply plug in a Smart TV, find the DLNA streaming option and the TV will pick up the devices it can stream from whether it be smartphones, tablets or computers.

This can be a fantastic app for events, especially with the continued use of Second Screen Technology.


Some of the more popular Smart TV apps are:

  • Netflix: An on-demand Internet streaming media
  • Amazon Instant Video: Buy or rent more than 150,000 movie or TV episodes
  • HBO Go: Unlimited access to HBO® shows, bonus features and extras.
  • Sony Music Unlimited: A library of songs, playlists and channels streaming to your favorite devices.
  • Social Media Channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and others
  • Skype: Voice-over-IP service and instant messaging client 


Smart TVs will continue to have integrated Internet service. As apps and on-demand access continues to grow, individuals and attendees alike, will want to control what they see and when they want to see it.

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