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The Ins and Outs of Facebook's Edgerank: How to Get Your Business Noticed

With the number of Facebook users at over 1 billion and with 79% of all organizations having a Facebook Fan page, it’s understandable that every hospitality marketing organization is clamoring to get noticed on Facebook.

The way you get noticed is through an algorithm Facebook derived called EdgeRank, which puts the more “popular” posts toward the top of the timeline. Unlike the ticker tape on the stock market, all posts DO NOT have equal weight. The ones that are the most engaging are the ones that continue to rise to the top.

So, the million dollar question for most hoteliers is how do you get your posts noticed? Here are some quick and easy tips to make this happen and if you do these on a consistent basis, your property should obtain more organic likes in the process and give fans a reason to come back to your page.

EdgeRank looks at the following things, in this order of importance:

  1. Shares: Has your entire post or part of it been shared with any other Facebook users? If so, Facebook believes that the quality of your post must be good, otherwise people would not share it.

    An easy way to increase your shares is to have every employee share your fan posts on their personal page. Although you cannot mandate this at a corporate level, you can encourage it and as long as your post meets this criteria:
    •   Informative: Sharing exciting and new information about your property, city, or region of the world.
    • Thought-provoking: Asking great and possibly edgy questions that instill some sort of emotional response in the reader.
    •  Amusing: Sharing a funny photo, story, or quote that can get the fan laughing or smiling is always a winner.
  2. Comments: Having individuals comment on your post will always help. I was just in New Orleans and I took a simple photo of my coffee and beignets from Café Du Monde (the place to go for beignets). My post simply said “Beignets, baby, beignets,” and I made certain the name of the establishment was in the picture. I received 9 likes and 9 comments and many of the comments were saying how much they liked beignets, this restaurant, and the City of New Orleans. It instilled an emotional response, which is exactly what you want.
  3. Likes: This is a very passive way to help increase your EdgeRank standings, but if you get enough “likes” it can really help. First, I would recommend all your employees that are on Facebook, like every post on your page. Second, it is okay to make a statement that asks people to like the post. For example, you can make a simple statement such as, “Here is a photo of our newly renovated ballroom of our property in San Diego. Please like this post if you like San Diego!”
  4. Clicks: Last but not least are the numbers of people who saw your post but did not do any of the items listed above. They clicked on your post and viewed it, but it was not engaging enough for them to do anything.

The last 2 thing you need to know about EdgeRank is that your posts are also affected how interactive your fans have been with your posts in the past and how recently you have posted on your timeline. You could have the best posts in the world, but if you only contribute to Facebook once a week or less, you are not going to have the type of affect you want. More is better but put it in perspective of quality over quantity. In other words, it is better to provide a thought-provoking post to your fans once a day rather than post crap 7 times a day.

Tell us: What are your best Facebook posts and why were they great? 

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