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Technology Trend: 4 Audio Innovations

Are you missing out on the importance of a quality sound system for your meeting or event? Believe it or not, sound trumps everything else in your meeting, including a great speaker, video or presentation. If a video loses sound or a presenter’s mic cuts in and out, your audience will soon tune out and any message you wish to present will be lost forever.


The good news is audio equipment is getting smaller and smarter. BizBash Magazine recently featured four equipment trends in the arena of audio production that will ultimately deliver improved sound quality for your attendees.


Here are four new equipment improvements on the horizon:




These new microphones communicate with the base system via Wi-Fi and offer the following benefits:


  • If there is a frequency problem, the base system assigns a new frequency within milliseconds, which eliminates the mic from cutting out or feedback from the PA system.


  • This system can control multiple open microphones without human interaction.


  • It will mute the mic automatically if no one is speaking.


  • A Wi-Fi mic has a longer battery life than standard wireless mics.




With powerful functions and expandability at about half the size of old consoles, this system boosts the following benefits:


  • A high resolution LCD touch screen allows for any bank of faders to be instantly assigned as input or output channels.


  • This system provides easy access to multiple mixing channels with a push of a button.


  • By delivering superb sound, it gives depth and clarity to the mix.





When renting audio visual equipment, the new audio speakers allow the AV technician to steer the sound waves around any physical barriers. You can now focus sound like you have been able to with light equipment rentals. The benefits are:


  • The speakers are much smaller and lighter so your conference equipment rental company can hang speakers in the optimal places for sound.


  • Due to more efficient technology, the amplifiers can go into the speaker cabinets -- thus eliminating a full rack of amplifiers and saving valuable space, setup and teardown time.




Rather than having large, unsightly copper wiring, everything is controlled via a small Ethernet jack that can either run under the carpeting or over ceiling tiles. The major benefit is it allows guests to flow easily in the meeting room and the meeting planner does not have to worry if guests will trip over the wiring.



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