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5 Cool Tools That Should Make Any Meeting Planner's Cut

PCMA Convene magazine recently highlighted the 5 Best Technology Tools for planning and executing a meeting.

Below are the tools, number of users and cost, platforms each app supports and how each one works to assist in your event planning efforts and attendee management.  


Number of Users: Hard to assimilate; currently have 4,582 active surveys

Cost: Free

Platforms: Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone (web responsive)

How it Works: This platform is the best blend of closed ended and open ended questions to allow true crowdsourcing.

Through Wiki Survey methodology, you can start a question such as, "How can we make your upcoming conference experience better?"  Next, you invite participants to vote and add their own new ideas. The best ideas will bubble to the top as the administrator will easily see those on their dashboard.

Because this app is free and easy to create, it can be used at the conclusion of a conference to garner immediate feedback and help with future event planning efforts.



Number of Users: 187,000+

Cost: Free and Fee-Based Options

Platforms: Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone (web responsive)

How it Works: Cvent's complimentary Supplier Network provides meeting planners, corporations and association meeting planners with concise and current site selection and sourcing information. Their tools allow planners to research destinations and compare meeting facilities faster and more easily.



Number of Users: Unknown, but have several high-profile clients

Cost: Varies; depending on your needs

Platform: Desktop

How it Works: Steampoint Solutions is a full service event registration solution which includes: 

  • Online Registration
  • Onsite Registration
  • Integration of your database and social media platforms
  • Custom Badges
  • Travel and Housing 
  • Surveys and 
  • Lead Retrieval

This is a perfect app for attendees, exhibitors and planners and can be easily used on laptop rentals or computer kiosks strategically positioned throughout the event floor.



Number of Users: Unknown, but have several high-profile clients  

Cost: Varies; depends on needs

Platforms: Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone (web responsive)

How it works: eventScribe can:

  • Manage your event's schedule and presentation details and update them in real time
  • Share links in tweets, Facebook posts and emails with their social media features
  • Include speaker photos and biographies, video references, audio presentations, handouts and slides
  • Provide an interactive floor plan that allows attendees to search for and locate vendors by category, name or booth. 
  • Allow attendees to access presentation slides on their Apple rentals in order to draw, highlight, and take notes in each session. 



Number of Users: 40 Million

Cost: Free and some fee-based services

Platform: Smartphone

How it works: In a single click, Tout enables you to create and distribute mobile video updates on a real-time basis. Video updates can be captured by your meeting participants and published to your website or blog in less than 30-seconds and displayed on the event’s video wall. You can also track your engagement and receive real-time analytics. 



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