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10 Terrific Trade Show Tips For Show Managers and Exhibitors

July 31, 2015

Mulligan Management Group, LLC

As meeting planners, show managers and exhibitors work together toward a successful trade show experience, there are things they can do to make it better, as recently pointed out in the February 2014 edition of The Meeting Professional. So, rather than fight to make things happen, seasoned trad…

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6 Super Ways Event Planners can Properly Vet All Speakers

July 25, 2015

We have all had them – great, mediocre and just down right lousy speakers. The great ones resonate with the audience; they either make them laugh, cry or think. The lousy ones are all about their message and could be talking to a wall for all they care. You want the great ones, but how do yo…

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Change Your Mindset Meeting Planners: Use Big Data To Your Advantage

July 19, 2015

Hilary Mason, Data Scientist in Residence at Accel Partners, recently spoke at PCMA's Convening Leaders 2014 about understanding and using Big Data. Below are her thoughts in an October 2013 interview with Sarah Beauchamp and concrete ways you can use this information when planning your next meetin…

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4 Ways to Successfully Sell Sponsors For Your Next Event

July 18, 2015

Let's face factsSponsors are harder and harder to attract and close these days. They have finite dollars to spend each year and are constantly evaluating all their opportunities to maximize ROI. In addition to the folks you are pitching to, they have to sell your proposal to their boss and so…

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10 Terrific Tips to Justify Attending Your Next Conference

July 12, 2015

You really want to attend a conference and trade show that is coming up in three months. You know many of your industry colleagues will be there and the speakers look to be fantastic! In addition, it is in a desirable venue because you can bring your family along for a mini-vacation.

The prob…

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10 Secrets to Building Your Brand Name

July 11, 2015

Presented by Chris Brown 

Cuyahoga Falls, OH --- September 5, 2007---- Approximately 20 MPI members and guests were privileged to hear Christine Brown’s presentation on the “Top Ten Secrets to Building Your Brand Name” at the Sheraton Suites in Cuyahoga Falls.


Chris shared with us…

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