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5 Fab Findings that Can Positively Impact Your Meetings

In June 2014, MPI conducted a quarterly Meetings Outlook survey to understand current trends in the industry. Below is a highlight of their latest findings; which included five useful tips for event planning professionals around the globe.

Finding #1: Meeting Time is Being Compressed.


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Over-the-Top Birthday Parties are Available at Sky Zone!


Throw your child the best party ever at Sky Zone Boston Heights! Your kids and their friends will experience jumping, flying and flipping on our wall-to-wall indoor trampoline courts.

Sky Zone Boston Heights makes it easy. Bring the kids and we do t…

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5 Key Benefits of Establishing a Long-Term Rental Relationship


In today’s fast paced eRFP and digital proposal world, is “long term” a dead phrase?

I think not.

There are many benefits in sticking with one vendor over the course of several years.  Whether it is for business continuity, litigation support or training services – having a su…

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Before Incorporating Event Technology, Answer These 4 Simple Questions


Many of my planning colleagues are both interested and anxious about interactive technology tools for their series of meetings and events. The C-Suite wants to look sharp and hip; the manager want to keep the budget under wraps and the planner wants to look good.

So given this complex s…

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Why Trampoline Jumping is Great Exercise


We all loved jumping as a kid and now as “grown-ups” are we too late to start? Not at all! Today’s blog is going to tout the benefits for everyone in the family from ages 7 to 70. Read on to learn more.

Bone Density Benefits


Researchers at the University of Bristol gather…

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8 Sweet Tips to Hold a Successful Summer Event

Summer is here and if you are like me you want to spend most of your time outside -- especially after the winter we experienced.

But is it possible to hold your next meeting or event outside?

With the proper planning and the willingness of your meeting participants to congregate outdoors, …

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5 Contract Essentials for Every Event Planner

You have been planning your meeting for months and now it is just days away. However, there is a hurricane looming out in the Atlantic Ocean and it looks like it is coming squarely toward your destination. Are you protected or not? What did your contract cancelation clause say?

Hmmm…now is no…

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10 Terrific Things To Learn From TED

Technology, Entertain and Design (TED) had its 30th global conference this year in Whistler, BC with 800+ participants. As usual, it was a smashing success because its organizers are always looking for ways to improve; and this year was no exception.

Andrea Driessen, a noted contributor to Th…

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What You Should Know Before Buying or Renting a TV

Does it make sense for you to buy or rent your next TV? Well, that depends on a lot of factors. Don’t get caught up in the buy-to-rent ratio or the tax benefits of depreciation, because the reality is most of those tables were set up when technology changed every 3-5 years. This isn’t the case a…

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A Meeting Planning Checklist for the Busy Administrative Assistant

Your boss just called or stepped out of their office and asked you to plan a company-wide meeting to take place in 60 days. While you have often planned smaller meetings on-site, this is going to be much larger and require the use of an outside venue.

Since you plan these types of event rathe…

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5 Cool Tools That Should Make Any Meeting Planner's Cut

PCMA Convene magazine recently highlighted the 5 Best Technology Tools for planning and executing a meeting.

Below are the tools, number of users and cost, platforms each app supports and how each one works to assist in your event planning efforts and attendee management.  


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5 Sound Strategies to Go Green at Your Next Meeting

According to Meetings Focus Trends, 25% of meeting planners are planning or expect to plan a green meeting sometime in 2014.

When asked how they plan to implement eco-friendly practices, the following five strategies came forward as being important to the 600+ planners that were surveyed. Her…

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TV Guide: Are You Ready for 4K?

Think about your High Definition (HD) TV which has a 1080 pixel resolution. Then multiply that resolution by 4 – and voilà – you have 4K TV, more pixels on a bigger screen that deliver an immense viewing experience.

But is 4K really… all that?   

This is Part 3 of a 4-part series that…

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Don't Deliver The Goods: 5 Ways to Drive Attendees Away


One of the major challenges many meeting planners have is to deliver a great conference time and time again. The irony is since most planners are risk adverse; I would surmise that once they have a formula that works, they don’t alter it very much. 

The problem with little change is …

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TV Guide: How Smart is your TV?


With the continuous onset of new TV technology, it can feel overwhelming when trying to choose the right system – whether it be for your home, company or event.

This article will break down the definition, requirements, uses, apps, and future of Smart TV technology.


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TV Guide: The Differences between Plasma, LCD and LED Displays


With the continuous onset of new TV technology, it can be overwhelming to feel like you are choosing the right system – whether it be for your home, company or event.

All of TVs mentioned below offer High Definition television (HDTV) which provides a 1080p resolution.


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14 Terrific Ways to Use Twitter for Your Next Product Launching Event


If your company is planning on launching a new product or service this year, Twitter is one way you can keep your face-to-face attendees engaged and involve your virtual audience without immense expense or fanfare.   

Below are 14 effective ways to use Twitter as a marketing tool from…

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Tablet or Laptop: What Makes Sense For Your Event


As a meeting planner, you have decided it is time to get rid of your conference binders.

As an exhibitor, you are going to eliminate all marketing materials.

As a speaker, you have made the decision to go completely green.

With cloud computing alternatives being free (or a private…

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6 Super Reasons iPads Make Sense For Your Next Meeting

With the resolution, weightlessness and battery power of today’s tablets, is it any wonder why more attendees, exhibitors and speakers want to use iPads rather than any other option at your meetings?

Spectacular resolution, weight of less than one pound for most versions and a battery life …

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